I don't even know how to think about how many years I have loved photography!!  Even as a kid, before I got one of those cheap film cameras, you know the ones, where you have to wait for the flash to warm up to take your next shot, I remember just looking at photographs in awe, and just examining them as if I were a  7 year old editor of a high end magazine.  As years went on, I found the joy of taking photos that people loved and wanted to hang on their walls.  Rather it was taking a walk in the woods with my camera or taking photos of people having a good time at an event or get together that I was at, I just loved taking pictures!  I would say that weddings are the most fun to take pictures of.  Its a day were friends and family get together, some being ones that haver been far away for a long time, and just celebrate the love of two people.  Most of the time drinking and dancing, and just sharing a magical night with people they love.  That makes for the best photos!  

I have never been a huge fan of the stand their and smile type of photos.  I do them, but I get the need and want for them, but even there I try to be creative with the posing and placement of people.  I like the photos captured in a true moment!  One of someone laughing at what is being said or going on around them.  Or one where a person, whether it be the groom, mother or father of the bride, or bridesmaids see the bride for the first time in her dress and ready to say "I do".   Or when I am doing a family shoot and the baby or young kid looks at their mother with a big smile and big excitement in their face.  These are the types of photos that warm my heart and I believe everyones favorite photos to look at down the road or even for the first time......a photo that brings the magical feeling they had at the time of the photo!!!  This is what I aim for when clicking my camera and sitting with the images at my computer and ultimately deliver the the people trusting me with their memories!

Some Random Facts About Me

I am a fun loving father of five wonderful children. I believe the importance on family is demonstrated in my photography of yours. 

I am a huge super hero nerd.  when everyone is sleeping, I'm trying to fit a movie in while working.

I put ketchup on my Mac and cheese!  It sounds gross, but try it!  you'll thank me! 

My wife and I love hosting family get togethers!  At least once a month, we get everyone together for games, food, and fun!

 I often have the "baby shark" song stuck in my head, and I know more about what's going on on Sesame Street than "Stranger Things"