Babies and Toddlers



Congrats on the new little one!!!  Having five of my own, I know the importance of sharing that little face with all of your friends and loved ones!  I am honored for every new born I get the opportunity and privilege of taking photos of.  To me I see it as a new member to the Moments Captured family as well.  I love to see them come into the studio throughout their first year and years after!!  Being a part of their growing and documenting it all fills my heart!


They Do Grow Up

After that first year of many firsts and milestones, it doesn't stop!  every year they add so much to their abilities and change so much!!!  They say not to blink or you'll miss your little one while they are still little, that is where I come in!!  Blink all you want, when they are going to their first day of school all the way to getting their drivers license and off to college, you can look through all of the albums of them growing up while asking where did the time go, and being thankful you had me and my trusty camera there to capture all the moments along the way!!!



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