Family Portraits

A Family that gets pictures taken together stays together (or something like that)

Growing up, my Parents never got in the photos with my brother and I.  They just subjected us to dressing in clothes that we wouldn't want our friends to see us in and off to the mall we went!  Now being an adult, I am a little sad that there are no pictures of all of us as a family!  Now, I know that the dads are never the first to jump into the picture excited about picture day, but I like to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens (even the dads) I love to take photos of a family that is having fun and enjoying each other, rather than have them stand there, say cheese and "Timmy put those bunny ears down from behind Bobbys head"

I want to create the pictures you can look at down the road and remember the good times your family had and how close you were while the kids were growing up (or at the very least pictures you can show your friends to prove that they don't always fight over who sat in the front seat last)


Pricing for Family Portraits

Packages start at  $150 for a whole session 

and $60 for a mini session